Complete a Training Contract or qualify through SQE and QWE

To complete your qualification through the LPC route, you will need to undertake a two year period of recognised training (commonly referred to as the 'training contract'). A training contract must be completed post-LPC; individuals are given supervised experience in legal practice in order to refine professional skills essential to practicing as a solicitor, including: advocacy, client care, drafting, commercial and financial awareness, and experience in specific areas of practice. This route is open to anyone who falls within the SRA transitional arrangements which allow those who have already started on the old route to qualification to continue to qualify via that route.

Anyone who has completed the LPC and falls within the SRA transitional arrangements can also choose to complete their qualification through the SQE route and would only need to pass SQE2 plus the QWE.  Further information about this route is described on the SRA website here. This means that if you come under the transitional arrangements, you can still start an LPC now, and then make use of the LPC + QWE + SQE2 route.  Please make sure that you have checked that you are definitely covered by the SRA's transitional arrangements.  If you are not sure if you fall under the transitional arrangements and need more detailed guidance about your particular circumstances, please contact the SRA at and they will be able to advise you further.