Complete a Training Contract or qualify through SQE

When you have done your LPC, you will need to complete a two year period of recognised training (commonly referred to as the 'training contract') to complete your qualification, or you could opt instead to qualify through the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

To qualify through the LPC route, a training contract must be completed post-LPC; individuals are given supervised experience in legal practice in order to refine professional skills essential to practicing as a solicitor, including: advocacy, client care, drafting, commercial and financial awareness, and experience in specific areas of practice.

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If you are not able to obtain a training contract, you still have the option of qualifying through the SQE route; you would need to pass both SQE 1&2 assessments (for which you may want to undertake additional preparation), as well as two years of qualifying work experience (QWE).