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Funding your course


LawCAB does not hold information about student loans, sponsorship, scholarships, bursaries, course fees or funding for courses but the following list useful options for applicants

Student loans


Government postgraduate loans are only available for Masters level courses so are not available for a GDL, LPC or SQE prep course on their own. However, several institutions offer e.g. LLM or Masters incorporating GDL, LPC or SQE course content, allowing you to apply for a government postgraduate loan.

Postgraduate loans are currently available to a maximum of £11,222.

To check your eligibility and find out more go to the government postgraduate study funding website.

The Office for Students - student finance website will also provide useful information on funding.


Law Society Diversity Access Scheme


The Law Society Diversity Access Scheme (DAS) offers an open access scheme that provides support funding for either the LPC, LPC combined with LLM or new SQE assessments/preparation courses only. Applications are welcomed annually. 2021 applications are now closed but 2022 applications are likely to open in March. 


High street bank loans


You may wish to consider graduate loans from high-street banks. Please approach individual banks directly.

Bursaries/scholarships from course providers or other organisations


A variety of scholarships and bursaries may be available from your chosen institution(s), related to assisting both students facing financial hardship and those demonstrating academic excellence. Information is available directly on institutions’ websites, links to which you can find in the Where can I study? section.

You may also be able to stagger payment of course fees with certain institutions so please discuss this with them when considering their courses.

Scholarships and bursaries for aspiring legal aid lawyers can be found on the Young Legal Aid Lawyers site.

Scholarships from the Inns of Court for aspiring barristers seeking to do a law conversion/GDL are available.

Information about scholarships can also be found on the postgraduate search website.

Latest news: Scholarships to cover Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) fees are in development, available via Kaplan, the SQE asessment provider. More information, including amounts and application criteria, will be available in due course.

Sponsorship from employers

The costs of GDL, LPC or SQE preparation courses may be covered by certain law firms, large international corporations or other legal services providers, depending on the terms of the contract offered to you. However, early application for training contracts or work placements for qualifying work experience is needed in many cases. Often applications need to be made two years ahead of starting work for the organisation

NB: Applicants wishing to seek sponsorship from prospective employers should note that some employers will only offer sponsorship for their prospective employees’ training courses, if their prospective employees have not yet started a course, or if the course is run at a particular institution.  If you have already started a course or accepted an offer on a course an employer does not have links with, you may be expected to make a new application to the employer's preferred institution, or continue to self fund your studies.

You are, nevertheless, encouraged to submit applications for courses if you have not yet gained sponsorship, as the LawCAB team are able to update your course choice information for you at any point during the application period.

Apprenticeships also provide an employer-funded route, as your employer will cover the cost of any courses and assessments whilst paying you a salary, so you can earn while you learn.