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Application Process

This section contains guidance for those making LPC, GDL and SQE course applications.

1. Register on LawCAB

If you have not already registered, go to the SIGN UP page where you will be able to enter your email address and create your password. Do not re-register if you have previously created an account on LawCAB.

Once you have successfully registered, you are then ready to follow the steps below.


Look out for the email verification link which will be sent to you so that you can confirm your email address.

If this doesn't arrive in your inbox, check your junk/spam/promotions folders in case it gets stuck there.

If you experience any problems registering, please email us.

2. Find a course

Use the course finder to find the course(s) you want to apply for. 

You can filter courses based on your requirements, such as whether want a Diploma level or Master's course, the location you want to study in, start date etc. 

Each course entry contains information about how to apply for full or part-time options (where available), as well as which LawCAB application form you should use. You will also find links to relevant course pages on the institution websites where you will find more detailed information about their courses.

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3. Create your form

Once you have successfully registered and logged in via My Applications, you will be able to select what you want to apply for – a GDL/Law Conversion course, LPC or SQE preparation course (Use the Eligibility Checker if you are unsure).

An online application form is then created for you. You can only create one of the same form type (LPC, GDL, SQE) per academic year, but can create different form types if you want to apply for more than one qualification route (e.g. 1 x GDL + 1 x SQE or 1 x LPC + 1 x SQE).

You can complete the various sections of the form in your own time and in whatever order you wish, however, each section needs to be completed and saved (indicated by the green tick where completion of the section is mandatory) before you can submit your form. 


Note: You must attach to your form a copy of your degree transcript and/or certificate as the institutions will need this to confirm your eligibility for the course(s) you are applying for.  A degree certificate and/or degree transcript should contain at least one of an institution’s authenticity by way of a seal, signature and/or stamp. It should also clearly state your name, date of obtained award and the award classification. 

There is guidance provided in each section of the application form. Further guidance can also be found in the FAQ.

4. Nominate a referee

Most course providers require a recommendation or statement of support from someone who knows you (not a family member) and can confirm your suitability for the course for which you are applying. For the purposes of your LawCAB application, this person would ideally comment on your academic abilities and suitability for post-graduate study for a career in law.

Your reference forms part of the criteria that the course providers will take into account when considering your application and so it’s really important that you check with the person you nominate that they are happy to provide you with a reference in support of your application.

If the form does not ask you to enter referee details, it means that a reference is not necessary for your application.


Important: Do not nominate someone as a referee without checking with them first!

When you have submitted your form, the person you have nominated as a referee will receive an automated reference request from LawCAB.

Note: Your form is NOT released to the institutions until your referee has submitted a reference. It is important that you check that your referee has received the reference request after you have submitted your form.

If there are any problems, please contact the LawCAB team at

5. Pay your application fee

When you reach the Payment section you will see a link to make the application fee payment via Stripe secure online payment processing. The application fee is currently £35.

All applicants for LPC, GDL and SQE preparation courses are required to pay the application fee; without payment the form will not be processed. This includes applicants who have obtained training contracts, bursaries, or scholarships.

Important: After you have made your application fee payment, make sure that you return to your form and go to the ‘submit’ section.

Single application fee for GDL/SQE forms:  If you are making an application between 2 October 2023 and 30 September 2024 for GDL and SQE courses which sit under different application forms, you only need to pay one application fee.  After you have created your forms, and paid the fee on one of them, please email so that we can complete the payment section for you on a second form.

Refund Policy: You may cancel your application and request a refund if you contact the Central Applications Board Ltd (CAB) within 14 days of the payment being received. You are not entitled to a refund if your form has been released to the institutions.

Note that as soon as your form has been submitted, it is automatically released to your chosen institutions when the reference is submitted. If a reference isn’t needed, your form is released as soon as it is submitted.

If your form is not yet released, you are within the 14 day refund period and you wish to cancel your application, please email giving the full name entered on the application together with your applicant ID. On receipt CAB will arrange for the refund to be made and for the application to be removed from the system.

For information about what your application fee covers, please return to the previous section.

6. Submit your form

After you have completed all the sections of your form, and paid your application fee, you will be able to submit your form.

You will be asked to confirm once again that you have read and understood the LawCAB Ltd Privacy Policy.

When you submit your form, you are agreeing to having the permission of anybody named in your form (i.e. your referee) to supply their details for us to contact as required in relation to your application.

You are also agreeing that as soon as your form has been submitted, it is subject to an automated process whereby it is automatically completed and released to your chosen institutions after your reference has been submitted.

In the event that a reference isn’t needed, your form will be released as soon as you submit it.


Submitting your application is not the end of the process as your form will not be completed until the reference has been submitted by your referee.

When you have submitted your form, the person you have nominated as a referee will receive an automated reference request.

Please note: Your form is NOT released to the institutions until your referee has submitted a reference. You must check that your referee has received the reference request and is able to submit a reference. If there are any problems, please contact the LawCAB team at

After your reference has been submitted, your form will be released to your chosen institutions.


7. Form completed and released

Once your form has been released, the institutions you have applied to will contact you directly to advise you of their decision and you will then be able to liaise with them directly to accept or decline your offers.  

You should hear back from each of the institutions you selected to apply to and it will be up to you which offer you choose to accept, regardless of the order in which you placed the institutions on your form. You may only accept one offer though!


LawCAB has no further role in the process after your form has been released to your chosen institutions.

You should allow 5-10 working days for the institutions to respond before chasing up, however, the process of reviewing applications can take longer during busy periods.

Application process FAQs

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