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Established in 1892, LSBU Law teaches global law education with a focus on social justice. We encourage our students and legal community to develop their voice and speak for those who can't.  Our diverse students and staff community share experiences that enrich the learning experience so well, that we rank 16th for Student Voice in the UK, (NSS 2021).  The diversity of the faculty, our grounding in the real world and issues of justice, and our applied approach combine to give Law at LSS a dynamic and contemporary approach to learning.

LSBU offers many opportunities for students to enter a range of careers in law with experience, and we have an active Student Law Society, and Mooting Society.  Our Legal Advice Clinic is run by students and supervised by staff and local practising solicitors to provide support and advice for the South London Community.  Students can also gain valuable experience dealing with the public in a court setting at the LSBU County Court Help Desk.  

Our practical and applied approach to teaching law has worked for over 125 years, and we rank 12th for Academic Support in the UK both by students (NSS 2021) and 12th in the UK for Teaching Quality by the Sunday Times (2022).  Our Research also ranks 2nd in London by the Sunday Times (2022).

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