How to apply for LPC, law conversion & SQE preparation courses

LawCAB application fee - £30

Your LawCAB application fee of £30 enables you to apply to up to three institutions at a time and, where available, to list up to three course preferences for each institution.  

The CAB team will support you through the application process by answering queries and providing guidance about courses, eligibility requirements, qualification routes and the application process. We usually reply to emails within 24 hours (although response times may be slightly longer during busy periods). The CAB office is closed for UK weekends and public holidays.

The CAB team will amend your institution and course choices for you in the event rejections are received, or if you change your mind about your application, enabling you to apply for different courses that fall within the same academic year. This means that if you apply for a September course and want to apply for a different course, or to different institutions and/or for the following January intake (within the same application period 1 Oct-30 Sept), we can amend your form for you. However, if you apply for a September course and want to re-apply for the following September, you will need to create a new application form and pay a new fee.

GDL, SQE and LPC applications are eligible for a single application fee, which means that if you are not sure which qualification route you want to take, you have the flexibility to apply for different courses under the one application fee. Email if you have already paid for an application form for academic year 2024/25 and wish to submit a new form for a different course type.

If a reference is needed, LawCAB sends an email to your nominated referee to request a reference. A reminder email is sent to your referee one week after the initial request if a reference has not been submitted.

If you need to amend your referee after you have submitted your form (i.e if your referee has not responded to a reference request), the CAB team will update your referee details for you and send out a new reference request.

We will send you a reminder email if you have paid your application fee but not submitted your form or if you have submitted your form but your referee has not provided a reference (preventing your application from being released to your chosen institutions).

The CAB team will follow up with individual institutions on your behalf if you do not receive a response to your application. Please note that LawCAB has no role in the actual admissions process and so it is the institutions who will process and make decisions about your application.