How can I prepare for the SQE assessments?

Understanding the different courses


There are a variety of courses available to help you qualify through the SQE; whether you are looking to obtain a law conversion course such as a PgDL or MA, or a course that includes SQE preparation at diploma or masters level, you can choose a course that suits you, taking into account the studies you have already undertaken, your preferred mode of study, location, cost and how you want to achieve your qualification.

Below is a brief outline of some of the different types of courses available.

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To explore the law conversion courses on offer, use our course finder which will allow you filter based on your specific requirements.  

Be sure to keep an eye on the outcome for each course so that you are clear about the steps you will need to take on completion of your course to continue your qualification journey!

Law conversion courses

A law conversion course, such as a GDL or PgDL, is suitable for UK and overseas applicants with a degree in any subject (including those with a non-UK law degree), wishing to take their first steps in UK law at post-graduate level.

For those seeking to qualify either as a barrister or solicitor, or those who are not yet sure which law path they want to take, a law conversion aims to condense the knowledge and skills needed to bring non-law graduates up to the same standard as law graduates before they go on to the next stage of their qualification journey. 

There are a variety of law conversion courses on offer from those at post-graduate diploma level to Masters. Some may include some SQE preparation, while others do not. 

When considering a law conversion course, be sure to check what you will finish with and, if you want to qualify as a solicitor, whether further SQE preparation will be needed in order to help you to pass the SQE assessments. Some law conversions may include some SQE preparation while others may offer SQE prep by way of additional modules or top-ups.

Course outcome

Undertake additional studies - BTC or SQE preparation

Next steps

On completion of a GDL/law conversion course, those wishing to qualify as a solicitor could go on to do a course specifically geared towards preparing for the SQE assessments (if SQE preparation has not been included in the law conversion) either by way of a top-up module, a short preparation course or an SQE LLM to build on your academic credentials. 

Those wanting to qualify through the barrister route can apply for a Bar training course (BTC).  

How do I apply?

GDL/Law conversion course application form

To apply for a law conversion course, complete a GDL/Law conversion course application form on LawCAB where you will be able to make your course selection when you reach the course choice section of the application form.

Find out about the application process

SQE assessment preparation courses


If you are looking for a course which will specifically prepare you for one or both of the SQE assessments, options range from short SQE prep only courses, to the fuller Post-graduate Diploma and Masters level courses.  You will need to consider where you are in your legal studies and whether you are looking to build on what you already have or whether you a new entrant to law with no previous academic background or work experience in law.

Be aware that some SQE courses are suitable only for those who have already studied law and/or have either a qualifying law degree or a GDL, while others will be suitable for non-law graduates as well as those who may have done their law studies outside of the UK.  When you are considering courses, you will need look carefully at the eligibility requirements to make sure that it is the right course for you.

It is important also to make sure you understand what stage in your qualification journey the course will take you to: will you be ready to sit SQE 1, SQE 2 or both assessments or will you need to undertake additional preparation?  The courses will also have different outcomes, with some preparing only for the SQE 1 assessment, some for both SQE 1&2, while others might be suitable for SQE 2 preparation only. 

To explore the SQE courses on offer, use our course finder which will allow you filter on course category and course outcome. 

Course outcome

SQE 1 assessment ready, or

SQE 2 assessment ready, or

SQE 1&2 assessment ready

Next steps

Depending on which course you choose to do, an SQE course will prepare you to sit either:

 SQE1 assessment 

 SQE2 assessment 

or both assessments

How do I apply?

SQE course application form

To apply for an SQE course, complete an SQE course application form on LawCAB where you will be able to make your course selection when you reach the course choice section of the application form.

Find out about the application process

What else do I need to know?

Booking your assessment date

It is important to note that the SQE assessments are centrally administered by Kaplan and therefore need to be booked separately to any courses you choose to enrol on.

All those wanting to sit the SQE assessments need to register online with the SRA SQE site prior to booking the assessments 

Further information about timings of the assessments can be found on the SRA SQE site


Want to apply for 

a course to help you prepare for the SQE assessments?


Use our course finder to view the courses (law conversions or SQE-specific Diplomas and Masters courses) available to apply for through LawCAB 

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