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Manchester Law School is a leading modern university law school; generating transformative social change through law, integrating excellence in education and in key areas of research.

We have a passionate commitment to an exceptional student experience with strong interdisciplinary links across an internationally connected University within a great global city.  Our Law School community has a strong, supportive and inclusive culture for all staff and every student.

Manchester is an ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial city.  Manchester Law School shares this sense of ambition. Its connection with the city - with a clear sense of place - is crucial to our mission for our students and our commitment to generating impactful and relevant education and research.  We have been at the heart of legal education for over 50 years, providing law conversion and legal masters courses, alongside professional training for aspiring solicitors and barristers.

We make the most of our location, one of the largest legal centres in the UK, by forming partnerships with over 70 legal firms, from international and commercial law firms, to Legal Aid providers.  Our connections will provide you with essential work experience opportunities - as we as theoretical grounding to succeed in the legal sector.