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The CILEX Graduate Qualification is an entry point for the CILEX Professional Qualification that is designed specifically for UK law graduates.

The CPQ is a progressive training programme which enables candidates to achieve qualification as a CILEX Paralegal, a CILEX Advanced Paralegal or a CILEX Lawyer. Routes to entry are flexible depending on the CPQ stage you are applying for. There are three stages (CPQ Foundation, CPQ Advanced (inc. CILEX Graduate Qualification) and CPQ Professional.  Check which entry point would be suitable for you.

Apply for the  CILEX Graduate Qualification (CGQ) through LawCAB using the CPQ application form.

For those with a law degree, find out more about the CILEX Graduate Qualification.

For experienced legal professionals with a law degree, find out more about the CILEX Graduate Qualification.

Eligibility requirements 

The CILEX Graduate Qualification route is suitable for applicants with an England and Wales qualifying law degree, a GDL or who have already qualified as CILEX Paralegals.

Graduate Visa eligibility


Read about the graduate visa

Qualification level

Level 7 

Find out what the different qualification levels mean

Student loan options

Students who have been accepted onto the CILEX Professional Qualification are able to apply for a loan to fund their studies. One of the options now available is a student loan from Lendwise.

If you are not able to afford your CPQ outright, this solution may help to make the qualification more accessible.

Find out more and begin the process by visiting the CILEX Lendwise information page.

Please note that you must have already become a CILEX member before applying for Lendwise.

Course fees

For those seeking to achieve CILEX Lawyer status, the CILEX Graduate Qualification costs from around £6,700 (depending on exemptions and advocacy) and will be paid in stages as you progress through the qualification.

For further information about course fees, visit the CILEX CPQ microsite

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