ACLT Student Handbook


Chapter 7:

Data Protection and Consent to Process Information

7. Data Protection and Consent to Process Information

ACLT will process your personal data for any purposes connected with your studies, your health and safety whilst on ACLT seminars and for any other legitimate reason. This may include compilation of data regarding your attendance at ACLT

7.1 Fair processing statement - GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the processing of personal data in any format by ACLT, including both digital and hard copy personal data. ‘Personal data’ is any information relating to a living individual, and 'processing' is any activity carried out involving personal data, including holding and storing it.

The Fair Processing Statement establishes ACLT’s procedures governing the collection, processing and release of student data and is provided to students at the application stage. It may also be found in the General Regulations. It includes information about how student data is used, and when it is supplied by ACLT to other external parties.

ACLT is the data controller for all personal data that it holds and processes, except where it is done in the capacity of a data processor on behalf of another data controller. Requests or queries under the ACLT policy should be directed to

Students are deemed to make the following declaration upon enrolment:

I understand that by signing my enrolment form (electronically or on paper). I consent to the uses of my personal data as described in ACLT’s fair processing statement.