ACLT Student Handbook


Chapter 5:

General Information

5.1 Modules

Each year of your study consists of six modules. Each module will require, approximately, the equivalent of 10 hours of your time for every credit associated with the particular module (e.g a 15 credit module requires 150 hours of time). This figure is inactive but will vary from learner, it should act as a guide but if you are studying something that you already have base knowledge of or do in the workplace then a module may take less time than predicted. Normally a percentage of the time in each module will be online (by way of a mixture of tutorials and activities) and the rest is in study that you will be guided to do away from the OLE.


5.2 Module Guides (MIDS) and Reading Lists

You can find information about the course or a specific module in the Module Information Descriptor (MID). This provides details of your module, reading lists and other resources to support your study. A copy of these will be made available online on the OLE. Please make a note of the recommended reading because this will help you. A lot of information will be available online; however, there may be texts you are advised to purchase yourself. You are actively encouraged to deepen your knowledge through background reading including the recommended reading provided.

As well as the provided recommended reading, you should find other resources through your own research into the subject. Background reading acts as a source of academic references which you can quote/cite in your assignment where appropriate.


5.3 Academic Handbook

Your academic handbook will set out what is expected of you in assignments and will be available on the OLE. 



5.4 Online Learning

Various online resources will be available to you to support your  learning. These will be provided through ACLT’s Canvas Online Learning Environment (OLE) which has been designed specifically for your course. The OLE will help you develop your skills, support your learning and create online learning networks. It will also be the place where you submit your assignments and any other course work unless advised otherwise. Your tutor will provide further details when necessary.


5.5 Course Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Your help with course evaluation is very important. The feedback you provide is used to continually improve the student learning experience as well as the quality of courses offered through ACLT. You will be asked to complete a student survey at different stages of your study. This information is used to understand how useful you found elements of the course, how effective the tutoring has been, which element you found particularly useful, or not, and what else you think we should include. Please complete these questionnaires when invited. Student surveys will be provided electronically or in hard copy normally at the end of a module and at the end of course or unit.