ACLT Student Handbook


Chapter 2:

Welcome to ACL Training 

2.1 ACL Training

ACLT is a subsidiary of ACL that runs training courses for ACL members, students who wish to qualify as costs lawyers and for the wider legal profession. ACLT is the sole provider of the Costs Lawyer Qualification as authorised by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB).

We have designed the course so that you are able to juggle studying with your work. Each module will be assessed as we go so you will be sure that you are making progress. 

Our course is intended to be high quality and good value for money. The fees that you pay are lower than for comparable courses and will cover online tutorials, compulsory seminars, ACL Trainee membership, most of the learning materials and access to the online learning environment (OLE).


2.2 The Education Committee 

As the delegated arm of Council, the ACL Education Committee’s role is to ensure oversight of the key performance indicators agreed with ACLT and to work together to agree the direction and key components of new products or product strategies, which the Committee will then recommend to Council for approval. 


2.3 The ACLT Board

The ACLT Board’s role is to advise and make decisions at the operational level, within the parameters agreed in the business plan, working closely with the ACLT executive team. 

2.4 The Head of Education

The Head of Education works under the academic guidance of the Chair of the ACLT Board and members of the ACLT Board and leads the delivery and quality assurance of the qualification.


2.5 Course Tutors

Each trainee is assigned a course tutor. The tutor’s role is holistic: to support trainees across all the domains of the course on academic progress and their personal and professional development. Your first port of call should always be your tutor as he or she will often have an immediate answer to almost any question. When a tutor is unable to answer your query they will be able to direct you to the appropriate person to speak to.


2.6 Administration Team

Your second point of contact is the LawCAB office which is the hub of student-related information i.e. admissions, student administration and the organisation of your assessments and examinations. The team are there to help whether you need to change your contact details, apply for an extension (or deferral), to advise in situations where postponement may be appropriate, where you are experiencing problems with submitting an assignment or ask a question about the regulations. The team can be reached by email at The team aim to deal with queries within one working day.


2.7 Student Council

The ACL Student Council (SC) plays a crucial role in ensuring that students' opinions are heard. For example, they can feed back to ACLT staff students' views on what works well on the course and what doesn't and put forward ideas that they and their peers believe could improve current practices. They also help the ACL sub-committees with matters that affect the wider membership.


2.8 Summary of ACLT Contacts

The ACLT office


Hours between 09.00 am - 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday

(excludes bank holidays)

Head of Education


Hours between Monday to Friday 09.00 am - 5.00 pm

(Excludes bank holidays)